[SETTECENTO] is a time, a place, a spirit.

…every corner is a story to be savored with an attentive and curious look, ready to be surprised by the alternation of macro and micro details for an eclectic and timeless style.   

the hotel

[SETTECENTO] Hotel**** was born among ancient spaces revisited with an eclectic spirit,

all aimed at enhancing the natural beauty of the original structure in its authenticity. Embrace a contemporary and exclusive style. Whether it is a stay, a taste experience or an event, here the time spent is transformed into an experience and a story to tell.

A journey in a setting of art and design.

the [SETTECENTO] family

“All for One, One for All.”

As in a large family: Kitchen, Hall, Reception, Bar, Backoffice, House Keeping, Management, synergistically convey the story of food, art and hospitality.

do you have an event to organize?