the beauty of time stopping

The beauty of time that stops, surrounded by the ancient walls of this eighteenth-century villa revisited with a contemporary spirit, in which every space is a story, every object is an actor, every detail has a flavour, the only variant of interpretation is the eye of the guest who interprets it.

the architecture

In a mix of history, art and contemporaneity, the past blends with the present within the walls of our home.

Guided and pervaded by the desire to give voice to the ancient concept of hospitality. We fell in love with this residence in 2007. A residence whose spaces of a manor house are enchanting and have not lost the charm of a home and which it has gained, thanks to the careful recovery of the place, its historical value, its eighteenth-century elegance and refinement: «Hence the name, so as to never forget the roots of this place of charm and gentleness. Authentic in its extraordinary elegance”.

our style

Each object, the works and the many details tell of continually seeking harmony and feeling surrounded by multiple poems.

In a mix between ancient and modern, old and new, black and white, we dress the environments so that nothing is as it seems, so that everything is in flux, always ready to welcome different points of view.

Constantly changing, our journey aims to help you find new views so that returning here is never a habit.

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